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        Lado Priya

    Smile Mango Pickle Recipe

    Mango Pickle Recipe

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    Ingredients :

    1 Kg Green Raw Mangoes
    3 tbs Fenugreek Seeds
    150 Gms Salt
    30 Gms Red Chili Powder
    4 tbs Jeera
    1 tbs Onion Seeds
    1 tbs Turmeric
    3 Cup Mustard Oil

    Preparation Method :

    Wash and Dry the Raw Mango and let them dry on a towel.
    Cut these mangoes into 8 pieces .
    Take a big mixing bowl or tray. Put the mango pieces in it.
    Add salt , red chili powder , turmeric and mix well.
    Pour 1 cup Mustard oil and mix well so that each piece of mango gets rubbed with the mixture of spices and oil.
    Add the onion seeds and fenugreek seeds. Mix well again.
    Take an air tight dry jar and put the pickle in the jar.
    Pour the remaining Mustard Oil on top and ensure that the mango pieces are completely dipped in the mustard oil.
    Cover with the airtight lid and leave the jar in the sun.
    Daily shake it a bit so that the mustard oil gets mixed with each mango piece.
    After 2 weeks the mango pickle will be ready to eat.

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        Lado Priya

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    OMG ... thts nt fair
    nobdy wana eats this

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    main vi khaana amb da achar

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    gala khrab mera, achaar nahi khaana mein

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        Gandasa Jatti

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    wahh g wahhhh ....achar aamb da ..

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        Brady Maria

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    4 cups green mangoes , peeled, depitted, and cut into spears (note you'll want unripe ones, not immature ones, which will be too acidic)
    1 pint vinegar (i use apple cider vinegar for something more piquant, rice wine vinegar when i want it mellow)
    1-1 1/2 cup sugar (white or brown, your choice)
    1/4 cup kosher salt (you can omit the salt if you want, and use less sugar)

    optional spices to taste
    fresh chili peppers (i use green arbol or serranos) (optional)
    1 slice fresh ginger (optional)
    whole star anise (optional)
    fennel seeds (optional)
    cinnamon sticks (optional)
    cracked peppercorns (optional)

    1Pack mangoes into clean, widemouth jars.
    2Tuck a couple of chili peppers in with the mangoes.
    3Set aside.
    4Mix vinegar, sugar, salt and any spices you'd like to use in a saucepan; bring to a boil.
    5Stir constantly, until all the sugar and salt has dissolved, and the mixture becomes a bit syrupy.
    6Pour evenly over mangoes (if they are divided between jars, put equal amounts of syrup in each jar).
    7Fill the jars with enough water to just cover the mangoes.
    8Seal tightly, shake to mix, then refrigerate for several days, turning bottles intermittently.
    9Three days seems to be fine, but can take up to a week.
    10Keeps for an indeterminate length of time.

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        Gandasa Jatti

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    vdiyaaa g vdiiyaa

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    nice g hun khva v deo kite bna k

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